Monday, 16 August 2010

the documentation & proceedings from Asian Insurance Review conference is now available on

Paris, France, 16 August 2010 - As the leading distributor of conference documentation (presentations, proceedings, audio and video), is pleased to announce the arrival of new content from Asian Insurance Review.

The following documentation and proceedings from Asian Insurance Review are now available on our site:

The 10th CEO Insurance Summit in Asia
Conference on the foundation of sustainable success for any insurance company focusing on the theme “Doing Business in a Post-Crisis World” Where have we come from? What has changed? Where are we going?"

The 6th Asian Conference on Pensions & Retirement Planning
The conference theme was “Seeking Sustainable Strategic Solutions for the Pensions Crisis”

The 5th Asian Takaful Conference
The theme of the conference was: "Reality Check on Growth and Promise of Takaful as a Dynamic Force”

The 3rd India Rendezvous (Insurance)
Conference on the current hot and key issues of the India Insurance Market focusing on the theme "Dynamics of Reinsuring the Indian Market Today”

For further information and access the documentation please visit Conferensum: Buy conference documentation

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